Phurnacite 25kg Smokeless Fuel

Ready To Burn Certificate No - MSF0106
Phurnacite 25kg Smokeless Fuel

Smokeless coal for closed appliances 

A premium grade smokeless coal for cookers, room heaters and stoves, Phurnacite offers unbeatable heating performance.

  • Provides long-lasting, consistent, and controllable heat
  • Exceptional heat output
  • Fire can provide heat for up to 18 hours
  • Clean burning
  • Manufactured in the UK for over 50 years
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We tried an assortment of the main smokeless products from ACE-energy .The Phurnacite 25kg were the most expensive ones we tried .

They were relatively easy to light , just 3 or 4 medium sticks of kindling (also from ACE) was plenty to get it going.

Initially they burn well with a very attractive aesthetic and high heat output , they lose this half way through becoming damped down due to a dense blanket of ash .We found that after a few hours they need more attention than the larger coals that we tried , the ash doesnt like to fall away of its own accord as they burn so we had to give it a poke a few times.The ash is less gritty than the cheaper coals noticeably and less overall ash by volume at the end.

Ignition good 4 /5

heat v good 5 /5

burn time ok 3.5 /5

ash good 4 /5

effort ok 3 /5

19.5 / 25

We would get a bag of this again just for when we have guests over because it does make a very lovely fire , but for general use we found the economy coal was well suited to our needs with longer burn time and hardly any attention needed after lighting it.

dean | Bradford | February 2019

Condition New
Weight 25kg