Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs LARGE Crate pictured


100% hard wood 
Kiln dried Logs are much better value for money than normal firewood due to its higher heat output and reduced chimney residue left behind . Whether you have an open fire or a wood burning stove you will find that our kiln dried logs are a great way to heat your home.Our kiln dried crates and nets contain kiln dried hardwood logs that are dried to an average moisture content of 20% or less and are ready for burning straight-away on any wood burning appliance.


Technical specifications

Moisture Content Less than 20%
Wood Type Hardwood
Size External Pallet size approx 110 x 115 x 80cm
Log Size Approx 25cm (10"). Fits 95% of Wood Burning Stoves.
Kiln Dried or Seasoned Kiln Dried
Weight 99999kg
Condition New


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Becca - Huddersfield
Been using builders bags of logs from many suppliers but these crates work out better all round a lot drier and hotter than any i have used before thanks again for the brilliant service