BIG K Hickory Smoking Wood Chips

BIG K Hickory Smoking Wood Chips

Add the wow factor to your next BBQ with our hickory smoking chips. These chips are a natural flavour enhancer for barbecues. Simply burn them along with your regular charcoal to add a great smoky flavour to your food. You can use them whether you’re using a smoking or roasting barbecue method, and the natural hickory flavour pairs fantastically with a huge range of delicious foods.

Our hickory smoking chips are made from 100% natural wood, with no chemical additives, so they’ll burn cleanly alongside any other Big K charcoal. For best results, soak the chips in water before use, and add them to the centre of your barbecue.

  • 400g pack of 100% natural hickory smoking chips
  • Natural flavour enhancer for BBQs
  • 100% natural wood, burns cleanly with no chemical additives
  • Add a great smoky flavour to your food
  • Ideal for smoking or roasting barbecue methods
  • For best results soak in water before use
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