BIG K 5KG Bag Lumpwood Charcoal


Preparation and Usage

How Much Charcoal to Use

Normal Grilling
Cover the cooking area of your BBQ to an approximate 2" depth of Big K Charcoal.

Spit Roasting
You will need more Charcoal than for grilling because of extended cooking time.

It is always better to have too much than too little Charcoal. (Big K Charcoal Products do not 'go off' if kept dry)

The bigger the BBQ Grill the bigger the bag of Big K Charcoal required.

Barbecue Cooking is Easy, Fun and Safe as long as common sense is used!

To Light
Place several Big K Charcoal Lighter Cubes on a bed of Big K Charcoal.
Heap more Charcoal over and around the Lighter Cubes.
Light the Cubes with a long taper or match, wait for the flames to die down and for the Charcoal to take on a greyish appearance - about 20-25 mins. Start to cook.
Heap Charcoal onto BBQ grate and spread out over cooking area.
Using Big K Lighting Fluid, squeeze approx. half a full cup of full over the Charcoal. Allow to soak for 1 min. before lighting.
Light the Charcoal and wait as described above.
Cook over Heat! Not over flames.

Safety Warning:

Never use indoors.
Never allow children near or leave a lit barbecue unattended.
Never attempt to light using petrol, methylated spirits or other flammable liquids.
Never try to move a lit barbecue.
Never pour any flammable liquid, even proper barbecue lighting fuel onto a lit or warm barbecue - it can cause a dangerous flash flame.
Never place hot ashes into a dustbin - wait until they are cold or douse with water before disposal.
Never try to cook over flames - it burns the outside of the food without properly cooking the inside.

Safety First
Take care and enjoy your barbecue

Carbon Monoxide Hazard
Burning charcoal inside can kill you. It gives off carbon monoxide, which has no odour.
Never burn charcoal inside homes, vehicles or tents.

Technical specifications

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