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Cleaner - Drier - Hotter Fuels
As a small family run coal business we endeavour to sell all our coal and smokeless fuel products in as clean and dry condition as is possible, so much so we have purchased a state of the art screening and bagging plant that removes fines from our products. To make sure all our products are kept as dry as possible we have spent in excess of £2,000,000 on a building to cover the coal yard, bagging plant and storage facility for 8000 tonnes of fuel. The benefits of covering our coal and smokeless products is: some smokeless fuels can potentially contain in excess of 20% moisture, because our fuels are kept undercover they do not suffer from the ingress of water so there is the potential to get a considerable amount of extra volume per delivery because the fuel is clean and dry.

There is a financial benefit for all our customers as there not paying for water.

 Ace Energy puts every effort into delivering fuel as clean and dry as possible but due to manufactures storing the products outside before we receive it we sometimes struggle to get it snuff dry due to how fast some of the products sell.

A little about our family run business 
Ace Energy was first registered in the year 2000 replacing ace coal and gas company which had been trading since 1980.

Over the years ace energy has diversified into other products which are all connected to energy hence the new trading name in the year 2000. With the continuous development of ace energy we have created a new company called ace gas limited.

Ace gas limited is our own brand of Autogas, Butane and Propane cylinders for the domestic and industrial sector providing a full range of cylinder sizes to meet everyone’s requirements.

Ace energy is the distribution arm of the group delivering solid fuel, bottled gas and air products compressed gasses. We deliver products seven days a week in Halifax, Leeds, Huddersfield, Bradford, Keighley, Skipton and Ripon and the surrounding areas.

Ace energy Renewables is dedicated to green energy, offering a full range of renewable products which include solar thermal, solar PV, air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps and bio mass.  We are also offering a range of energy efficient products and installing heating systems, radiators, under floor heating, blown heat and biomass boilers (wind turbines to follow next year)

Our Commitment to green energy extends to our delivery vehicles which are powered by autogas (propane) we are also looking to purchase electric transit delivery vehicles. We are installing power points to recharge electric vehicles free of charge and are installing 200 kilowatts of solar panels on our industrial unit roof and are heating our new warehouse with biomass renewable.