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About Us

Why Buy From Us
Ace Energy have been providing coal and solid fuel for over 50 years. We are a family run business that is big enough to cope but small enough to care meaning we deal with all our customers personally. 

Quality Products 
We are the largest under cover coal yard in the uk and 100% of all our products are kept under cover in a dry temperature controlled environment, We are always investing to make sure you the customer gets the best possible quality product that is available.

We believe Our Fuel Is Drier , Cleaner and Hotter And You wont buy better quality fuels Anywhere 

The Team
Our Team is made up of mostly family and we have also employed a few close friends to make sure we have enough staff to make our business flow.

Coal Packing Plant 
As a small family run coal business we endeavour to sell all our coal and smokeless fuel products in as clean and dry condition as is possible, so much so we have purchased a state of the art screening and bagging plant that removes fines from our products. To make sure all our products are kept as dry as possible we have spent in excess of £2,000,000 on a building to cover the coal yard, bagging plant and storage facility for 8000 tonnes of fuel. The benefits of covering our coal and smokeless products is: some smokeless fuels can potentially contain in excess of 20% moisture, because our fuels are kept undercover they do not suffer from the ingress of water so there is the potential to get a considerable amount of extra volume per delivery.

There is a financial benefit for all our customers as there not paying for excess water.