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We stock a wide range of Big K quality BBQ charcoals, from instant light bags to restaurant grade.

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  • 100% natural Lumpwood charcoal
  • cooking time of over 3 hours
  • burns with no smoke
  • Ready to cook within 30 minutes

  • Ready to cook in just 15-20 minutes
  • No need for starting fuels
  • Up to 1 hour cooking time
  • Clean and easy to use, packed in dust proof bags
  • Simply light the bag

  • 11kg 
  • propane gas
  • 27mm push regulator
  • Ideal for BBQ's and Patio Heaters

  • top quality enriched top soil.
  • Enriched top soil.
  • Ideal for beds and borders.
  • Suitable for lawn preparation.
  • Helps to improve soil structure.

About Ace Energy Ltd

Established in 1980

Ace Energy was first registered in the year 2000 replacing Ace Coal and Gas Company which had been trading since 1980.

Over the years Ace Energy has diversified into other products which are all connected to energy hence the new trading name in the year 2000. With the continuous development of ace energy we have created a new company called Ace Gas limited.

Ace gas limited is our own brand of Autogas, Butane Gas Cylinders and Propane LPG Gas cylinders for the domestic and industrial sector providing a full range of cylinder sizes from 13kg butane to 47kg propane bottles to meet everyone’s requirements.


Ace Energy is our Halifax based company providing Smokeless fuel, Hardwood logs, Biomass, BBQ Charcoal and Bottle Butane and Propane cylinders to Halifax, Huddersfield, Bradford and the surrounding areas 

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